Moi Aussi ! [Me too!]

Moi aussi! [Me too!] is a campaign adressing women and children’s rignts in Benin, where child trafficking and violence against women are very frequent situations.

Issue : child trafficking, violence against women and children.

Client : VOLS – Volutariat Solidari and Salesians of Benin


In Benin, women and children are the most vulnerable part of society. One in three children is being “trafficked”, sold as a free labor force. The physical, sexual or economic violence that women live on a daily basis is still considered as normal by many men in Beninese society, but also by many women.

The commitment of the Salesians is to offer them the possibility of living as autonomous and dignified people. Thanks to education, vocational training and awareness on their fundamental rights, women and children in Benin can say MOI AUSSI! [me too!] I am a free and independent person.

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