Love from a distance

Documentary film on the exile in Barcelona of the renowned sociologist and Colombian journalist Alfredo Molano. Broadcasted by several TV in Spain and Colombia. Independent production of IOSPHERA with the CULTURAL ASSOCIATION MAKING DOCS.

Sinopsis: Alfredo Molano is a sociologist, researcher and journalist, he was born in Colombia over 60 years ago. His emotional and professional life had always been tightly linked to his country. He had traveled from side to side of Colombia looking for landscapes and stories to tell, writing books and articles. There he had always planned to live, to write, to spend his last years, to see his grandson grow … but one day Alfredo’s life took an unexpected turn: he was threatened with death. Alfredo saw no choice but to say goodbye to what he loved. With a few things in his suitcase he began the journey to a place outside, hoping to return soon.

“… I opened the door of my new place and I found it absolutely silent … I thought … Here is where I will live now, here nobody loves me, these walls don’t belongs to. This bed is not mine. How many people have died in this place? In this place where I can die … “

Technical information
Script and direction: Diana Kuellar
Cinematography: Josep Badell
Editing: Alix de Roten
Music: Jorge Sabogal, Joaquin Llorca
Orignial format: Betacam / DVCam
Country: Colombia, España
Year: 2005
Duration: 27′

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