Green Health · indigenous medicine in Ecuador

Developing the visual and communication concept, investigating on the ground and collecting information and visual material in Ecuador during the filming of the documentary film, designing, developing and producing all the communication tools for the campaign.

Communication tools: touring exhibition, documentary film for TV (28′), website, artwork, educational materials for schools.

Subject recovery of traditional indigenous medicine as essential for expanding health coverage in Ecuador.

Client: Catalan Red Cross



Documentary film

Sinopsis : The indigenous peoples of Ecuador are owners of a great knowledge in the field of health and the use of plants to therapeutic purposes. This documentary film seeks to transmit the importance of preserving the knowledge of traditional Andean and Amazonian medicine, the use of which can contribute to improving the quality of life of these vulnerable populations, using their own resources, respecting their environment and protecting their knowledge and biodiversity against biopiracy.

Trailer documentary film [5 min]