Rwanda, I’m still alive

Short documentary film (18′) filmed in Rwanda in 2006 for the Spanish Red Cross, with a mini budget.

After the 1994 genocide, Rwanda has faced a tough reconstruction. The political mobilization based on hatred and using ethnicity as a basis for eliminating opponents, took root in Rwandan society. But Rwandan kept struggling to survive and regain peace, working on a common project of reconstruction. In this process, women play a key role. In 1997, the Rwandan Red Cross and the Spanish Red Cross launched training and micro-credits projects aimed at children and widows with dependent families. Projects provide an atmosphere of working together, fostering solidarity between the two ethnic groups. Whith small credits consisting of 2 goats, the whole acricultural tissue, devastated during the wer, is being rebuilt.

Technical specifications
Script, direction, production, cinématography and editing : Alix de Roten
Grafics : Jaime Luna · Elzine Aristide
Original format : miniDV
Country of filming : Rwanda
Country of production : Spain
Year : 2006
Time : 18′

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