Harmony Peoples – indigenous approaches in a global world

“Pobles Harmonia” is a work that we have developed globally, creating first of all the communication and visual concept, developing then all the contents (investigation and gathering information in Ecuador and Bolivia), and finally producing all the communication tools of the campaign.

Subject: The indigenous people of Ecuador and Bolivia do not consider the accumulation of material goods as development; they see it as the search for social, personal and environmental harmony. In accordance with this vision, they have created original approaches to economics and health and support an education system that transmits their cultural values and their language: The Intercultural Bilingual Education. With this campaign the Red Cross in Catalonia wants to show that the indigenous approach, as well as presenting a major opportunity for the future of these people, and is an effective way of dealing with the global challenges of the XXI century, which unbridled consumerism and the ensuing imbalance in the global ecosystem not to mention exacerbating social inequalities.

Communication tools touring exhibition, documentary film, website, book, artwork…

Documentary film (28′)